Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Taboo conversations.............

Mental health. 
It's an issue that no one really likes to speak about, but we all are dealing with issues to some extent.  The pressures of our daily lives.  The triggers that can set us off.  The highs and lows and all the range that is in between.  I wish that I knew how to handle it all.  We all wish that we knew the right way to deal with everything that gets thrown at us, but we don't.  We all try and "act" like we have it together because if we didn't act like it, then people would actually know the real truth.

Mental Health. 
We all need support. 
We all need people to listen.  
We all need to not be fearful to ask for help and to be heard.

This is a small taste of a project that Rodney Rascona worked on.  Powerful.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Traditions that bring us together................

Every year it seems tougher and tougher to get the kids together.  Schedules are packed.  Activities are boundless.  Lives are very full.  Gatherings around the table are special, whether with family or friends and that is one of the wonderful pleasure of holidays, such as Easter or Passover.  The tradition of dying eggs is one that I always look forward to, even if it doesn't start until 9 or 10 pm the night before Easter.  There is such an art to it and it allows for self-expression, creativity and plain old fun!

Heath and the studio decided to have some fun with the age-old tradition.  Amy gathered up some creative ideas and then worked to create some gems with Mark assisting.  I wanted to share what wonderful beauty can be created when working as a team.  Traditions that can be lovely each time they are done.......they are never the same and can often bring new experiences.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Take me back to the Summer days as a kid...............

How can any of us not long for the days of Summer as a kiddo?  I mean, C'mon.  You got to hang out with friends, eat tons of ice cream, ride banana seat bikes around all day and into the evening, catch fireflies, go to camp and play kick the can..........so, so simple and fun.

Funny thing about remembering all of that good stuff as a kid?  Those great memories jump right to the front of my mind when I see other kids - today - enjoying the same things.  I loved this shoot that Heath did.  We got to do all of those "basic" things.  Play in the sprinkler, blow bubbles, create artistic masterpieces with sidewalk chalk, eat ice cream, popsicles and watermelon till it was coming out of our ears.  Life was good!   It was a great production crew and although it was work, it was a fun day that got us a lot of great images.  Everyone walked away happy.

That's what we aim for each day.  Walk away happy.  Communicate well.  Meet or exceed expectations.  Have fun and make sure that you enjoy every moment.  It IS work, but work can and should be fun too.

Eat well.  Live happy.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Let them eat cake!!

What a fun shoot this was..........so much inspiration from every single aspect, from the baker, visionary and inspiration, to the food stylists creations, to the prop stylists sets and surfaces and as well, the creativity and perspective of the photographer.  Each set was so cleverly thought of to compliment the cake and to create an scene that would pull every view in - and it did!

We had to worry about the inside and outside representation AND we got to taste along the way.  Seriously, it was one of the yummiest jobs to be a part of, creating, baking and tasting.  Yum!

Simply beauty to ornate decorations.  Little bits and pieces of candies and cookies, food coloring, chocolate used in ways you had never envisioned and it all came together.

More fun to be had on our next project..........wonder what that will be?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It's not about me. It's about us.

It really doesn't matter if we are siblings or family.  To me, there always has seemed to be a responsibility to help each other and overall, mankind.  We all have struggles, we all have needs.  Some needs are greater than others.  Some days provide more challenge than others.  Yet, with each of those challenges and obstacles - we need to persevere.  We persevere by helping and lending a hand to those in need.

I believe that is one reason I like what I get to do for work.  Maybe that sounds odd, but I like to help a group come together for a purpose and make things work.  I like being a part of the fabric or glue.  It's not about me.  It's about us.  Different people that come together for a purpose.

Today is Giving Tuesday.  I really like the premiss of today.  It makes people think and hopefully act, although I really would like all to remember that giving each day can make all of us better and can make our world a little better.  So, hopefully you give to something today and as well, start a trend and think of someone else each day.  What a beautiful concept - working together.

So - think about it.  It's really not just about one, it's about all of us.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Full of Hope..........

Each day, there seems to be a new challenge that we face, yet I realize more and more - my challenges are so minimal compared to others.  The last few years - Rodney's photography has been laser sharp, focused on human beings, their struggles, their lives and each person's hope for a brighter future.  Today and each day, I try to appreciate the blessings in my life and to focus on being full of hope.  Positive.  Looking for solutions.

Grateful for my life and those that surround me, in work, in life.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Letting in all happen........or making it look that way

Do you remember the days of just letting it all go and enjoying the moment, not a care in the world?  Some days, don't you wish for it?  Okay - most days I wish for it, but then I remember - I'm a planner, a producer, an organizer.  In this role - we make it happen for others and make it look "easy".   And so that's how shoots happen that look flawless. 

These young girls were great on set and embodied all the fun that Summer can hold.  So, casting was spot on.  The crew was all that we wanted and so much more.  Styling and propping hit the mark - exactly - and the location, that worked too.  Boom, it all happened and the marks were hit.  Success.

It's all the little pieces that need to come into play, boxes that need to be checked off with care.  Crossing the T's and dotting the I's.

And that's what we do.