Friday, November 20, 2015

Would you turn your back on me?

Would you turn your back on me?

It's a tough question to struggle with when you let fear creep into your life.  We need to fight the fear.  We need to be ready to accept others and to offer help to those in need.  I do not want to let terrorism and fear take over my life and I won't let it.

I have been so proud of the work that Rodney has done over the years as he gives of himself in so many ways.  He is a true hero to me.  
He works on projects that give of himself to help others.

Offer your hand and help.  Rodney does.  
I will.
Will you?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Appreciation, everyday.

Yes, Veterans Day was earlier this week.  
A day that is set aside as an acknowledgement, yet we really do need to say thank you all the time, everyday.  Hard to remember to do that...........but so worthwhile.  

Appreciation:  the gratitude for something, a full understanding of a situation or the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

Topher is keenly aware of how precious each day, each hour and each moment can be.  Make the most out of life.  Choose wisely and appreciate, everyday.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Goal Setting.

Setting a goal, then reaching higher.

Are you an overachiever like me?  Total Type A.  I love to try and make it all happen.  I'm a bit headstrong, hard working, all about solutions, love to take on issues and champion for the little guy.  Sometimes, I find, I'm last on the list.

My achievements are normally more focused on achieving for others. 

Is that a bad or a good thing?

Good.  I am here to serve others.  I am about setting goals, working with others, collaborating, making things happen, action oriented........for projects, people, passions & companies.

Bad. How can I really do the right thing for others if I don't think about me?

It's all a balance, isn't it?  Setting goals and then making a plan how to achieve it, but for me too.  I have learned over the years that I will be much better for everyone else, if I am good to myself too.  You need to do that as well and you need to surround yourself with people that get that.  Life is short.  Work with people that are all about supporting you (you personally and you in other walks of life).  

Set a goal and let's go get it.  Together.  
You AND me and my creatives that are ready to work for you!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Light and Bright..........

Pure joy.

Keeping things light and bright and sharing all the goodness.  This image really captures the moment and all that exudes as she is singing deep from her soul.  I love when imagery can shout out that raw emotion and capture the true feeling.

I hope that within each day, as we face our normal schedule and busy lifestyles, that we take time to let it all hang out and enjoy the moments.  Last week was a very busy production with a number of challenges, yet there were bright spots throughout the experience.  People that I had the chance to collaborate with that were phenomenal, locations that we shot that were incredible little diamonds in the rough, weather than happened to support our exact needs and issues that tried to rear their crazy little heads were re-routed into positive opportunities.  All in all, we made the best out of what was around us and celebrated.

Keeping things on track for making the best out of all situations.  Topher used this opportunity for good.  His project was to work on a great video, he walked away with so much more than simply producing an incredible video project........he walked away with great creative product and a tighter respect for the many people he work with.  A fruitful experience for all, focused on the good stuff.

Life lived well!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Follow the leader................

Don't you remember playing games as a kid, like Capture the Flag, Simon Says or Follow the Leader?  These games as kids actually started putting each of us on the path toward how well we could do things in the future.  Things that we learn early on, help us as we navigate our direction down the road.  

When on are on a job, you need to pull out all of these learned items and put them to good use.  You must be able to work well with others, show teamwork and patience, navigate differences of opinion, understand the assets and capabilities of people around you, collaborate on ideas and perspectives...........whether it's for business, sports, production and basically, life.

Today, I'm sitting, working on the computer on a production (kind of like study hall), with client, agency and production all lined up working, and our week, so far...........has entailed all of these areas of expertise.  Ironic that along the way - all of our skills have been mustered from experience and some people get it, while others are still learning and working on that craft.  It's simply the way it is.  Fortunately, like follow the leader - we get to learn from each other and store that information away and pull it out sooner or later.

A little bit of knowledge is taken away after each shoot, each job, each experience.  It makes us better and hopefully it improves who we are, as we continue on the path of life.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Fridays......make it count.

Summer Friday.  

We have so few left for this "Summer."  That said, isn't a Summer Friday all about enjoyment, making the most of your time, something special - like a bonus for getting all of your work done and done well, before you head to your "pleasure."

It's kind of like planning appropriately and truly fulfilling expectations, right?

I like the notion of doing your job and doing it thoroughly because there really doesn't seem to be a reason to ever do something half-assed.  Seriously.  Does anyone actually begin something and say, "hey, I just don't feel like it today - think I'll do everything just 80% because that's a pretty good percentage?"  I don't think so.  Simply drives me crazy.  Do something.  Do it well and give it your all or just don't do it.

Summer Fridays, every day - they're a bonus...........make the most out of everything you do and have.  It's all a blessing.  Make it count.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Be're pretty amazing.

Joshua shared this image with me and truthfully, it got me thinking.  We are just a small part of a big puzzle.  Every day we make decisions that have a larger impact on something else.  Small things, big things - bottom line.........everything is effected by what we all do, who we are and how we live.  That's pretty powerful when you think about it.  It means that we have an importance, that each of us hold so much incredible "stuff" inside us and that we matter.

Like the stars in the sky.  They all look pretty much look alike, but in the end they all are special for their own individuality, but they weave together to form an amazing canvas when we look up at night.  This picture captures that feeling for me.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson